The Best Way To Get Style Is to Get Real Fur Headbands

Dressing up in style does not quite cut it these days when a woman needs to differentiate and stand out from the crowd. A smart dress needs smart accessories to complete the ensemble so it is not unusual for a woman of style to complement her dress with matching shoes, handbag, jewelry, sunglasses, and headwear.

When it comes to choosing headwear, the question is which one to choose. A simple scarf will do in a pinch and has dual functionality but then it does look somewhat ordinary even if it is cashmere or colorful silk. Hats have their place but, like scarves, have limited appeal and may not go well with all kinds of dresses when a woman desires to achieve outstanding visual impact. The answer lies in real fur headbands. It may be tempting to consider synthetic materials but they just do not have the appeal of the real thing and, in any case, it is so obvious that the effect is marred.

What is it about genuine fur headbands that add to the charm and confer uniquely exotic looks to women? For one, the natural material has a unique feel, texture, and appearance that synthetic materials do not match and even fabric or other materials cannot match. It has no distinct shape or outline but each individual hair combines to create a soft halo that sits comfortably on the head and frames the face. Depending on the style of headgear chosen a woman’s face can take on a softly appealing look or it can appear saucy and piquant. The headband can sit high on the head or it can be arranged to cover the ears and slope down to the neckline, which arrangement confers yet another appeal to the face and personality.

One of the better things, why a headband is better than a hat for women, is that the natural material encircles the head and allows her to leave her hair free to cascade down the shoulders. The combination of hair and fur can be knock out in impact if done properly and it takes only a little practice to get it right. There is no lack of variety in the availability of natural pelts of silver fox, beaver, white fox or the more exotic Karakul and mink with its delightful sheen and texture.

Looks are not the only thing that one gets when attired in a suitable headband made of genuine pelts. These can just as well serve to protect the ears and serve as a neckwarmer when it gets cold.

The beauty of fur is that it suits women of all ages. A teen attired with a headband made of this material appears lively and frisky. Mature women appear polished and refined. A young woman increases her sex appeal when she tops off her dress with a headband made from genuine furs and stands out from her peers. Fur, it must be said, never went out of fashion and it is unmatched. Modeled into a headband, it can be the crowning glory for women.